Welcome to our Place...The Place II Be

We are a Team of caring  people, ​ who are Professionals in the field of  Special Education and 

the Special Needs of Exceptional Children. 

We are  Life Coach Counselors and Litigation Advocates providing support services  for people of all ages. ​

We assist you in personal development with life changing results

We are able to communicate in all languages*

Our Mission

Our  Mission  is to provide Supplemental Assistance to 

the  Departments of Special Services in both public and private School Districts  in the TriState Area.  We are available to provide offsite Educational Evaluations, Psychological Evaluations and Social Assessments.  Upon request, we will also counsel students according to their Individual Education Plan or Individual Service Plan.    We can also provide a Functional Behavior Assessment to assist the Child Study Team in developing their Behavior Intervention Plan,  for those students who may be experiencing challenges in their behavior while in school.   Our work is considered supplemental, as our primary goal is to provide a scaffold of support to Child Study Teams  in all School Districts, so that their students can receive the services that they need in a timely manner,  according to the Federal Code of Compliance in the State of New Jersey.

We have a professional for all languages to administer evaluations.

We provide Life Coach Counseling, Litigation Advocacy and Support Services  to Families, Individuals, Groups, and Communities.  Our techniques offered for Personal Development are life changing.    These services are offered offsite, as  we  travel to your destination and counsel in any venue.

We are here to help!

Litigation Advocacy & Support Services

Let us clarify and fill the gaps in domestic litigation and  help protect your human rights through your legal process.   We will come along side of you and help you understand your attorney's actions in your case.

Many resources are available to help you feel safe and to assist you in having your daily needs met for you and your family.

We are here to help.

Be encouraged.  Your are not alone.

Our Story

Is the Story of  helping Children to  Learn in an environment that is appropriate for their cognitive abilities and  unique learning styles.

And our Story continues with Life Coach Counseling and Litigation Advocacy with Support Services  for people of all ages.

As a Supplemental Child Study Team, we will provide assessments in collaboration with each districts Child Study Team in the TriState Area.   Assessments will be completed in accordance with the New Jersey State Code of Special Education.   All Team Members are Board Certified and/or Licensed in their field of expertise.  (LDTC; CSW,:LSW; LCSW; School Certified Psychologists; Certified Teachers for Home Instruction)   

Life Coach Counseling and Litigation Advocacy with support services  is also available for individuals, groups,  families,  and communities of all ages,

All children are "Stars" and deserve a bright future.   Providing the appropriate learning environment for them to accomplish their educational goals with  excellence, , is the key to their future of happiness and success.

Caring and Personal Development  are  the essential building blocks that promote social change and  create amazing, loving, communities.   In turn, individuals will  share their story of success to help the next person in need.

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